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Industrial Metalwork aims to be an industry leader in environmental standards, safety, revitalizing regions, generate true value services.
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Mining Projects

- Maintenance - Capital Projects Our facility in Tumbler Ridge supports mines within the area. With decades of combined experience in a wide range of diverse projects specific to mining, our well-trained welders at this facility perform box, bucket, shovel, and tank repairs along with new build and fabrication capabilities. We provide exceptional construction solutions for capital projects; our experience spans a range of industries and types of projects. With hundreds of satisfied clients across the country, we are committed to on-time delivery and creating enduring structures.

Pipeline Construction

Our quality management system includes the complete pipeline component for CSA Z662 fabrication with comprehensive exhibits for all aspects of pipeline construction.

Structural Welding

Our Welding Division is CWB certified Division 2 and our experienced team can service all your structural welding projects from conception to completion.



Modular Construction

Industrial Metalwork collaborated closely with the engineering representative of our esteemed client to fabricate, assemble, and load 12 large-scale modules. Our team worked in close conjunction with the EPCM on a daily basis to identify, review, and construct every detail in compliance with our client's requirements. By maintaining open dialogue with the client and EPCM, we successfully completed the project in record time, with all parties offering nothing but positive feedback and valuable insights to carry forward into future projects.

Mining Maintenance Program

At Industrial Metalwork, our top priority is delivering a final product that meets our clients' expectations. To achieve this, we collaborate closely with our clients to ensure fast turnaround times for their box liner replacement program. We devote significant time to communicating with them, coordinating the removal of necessary equipment components, and replacing them with upgraded, highly durable products that extend the operating life of their equipment. By doing so, we create efficiencies that allow our clients to improve their site operations and meet their production goals, all while building strong local relationships with our team and the surrounding community.

Capital Projects

Our valued client approached us to collaborate with them to complete the relocation of one of their facilities within their current operation. The IMW team was quick to respond and ensure that we provided our client with capable and economical construction management staff as well as support them with any third party support they required. The project as a whole has presented IMW with many challenges that our team was more than able to take head on and succeed whether it be scheduling the project working directly with our client and EPCM or arranging for additional team members to support the project.


Tumbler Ridge, BC

IMW & WMFN has now opened a shop in Tumbler Ridge, BC.

Tumbler Ridge has an expanding and diversifying natural resource sector which, in turn is attracting innovative and dynamic companies with a increasingly skilled labor force to service these diverse sectors. TR’s most prominent existing natural resource and clean energy assets can be found in the metallurgical coal mining, wind energy generation, natural gas extraction and forestry sectors.

Our Services Include:

  • Mining
  • Modular Construction
  • Facility Construction
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Oilfield Maintenance
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication & Repairs
  • Indirect Fired Heater Coils
  • Category “H” Fittings
  • Process Equipment
  • Custom Pipe Fabrication
Who is

Industrial Metalwork

Industrial Metalwork Inc. is a pipeline and facility company based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta. We specialize in providing shop and field fabrication for facility and pipeline construction, maintenance and operations work, construction, utilities and other heavy industries.

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