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With over 10 acres of yard capacity and a streamlined shop and paint facility, we strive for true cost effectiveness and meeting project deadlines.
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Fabrication | Construction

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Exceptional Service

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Modular & Facility Construction

Industrial Metalwork has advanced in modular construction; we have attracted highly skilled tradesmen with vast experiences in the field. Our projects are based on these experiences, and we are confident that our design will prove maximum efficiency for modular construction.

Pipeline Construction

Our quality management system includes the complete pipeline component for CSA Z662 fabrication with comprehensive exhibits for all aspects of pipeline construction.

Structural Welding

Our Welding Division is CWB certified Division 2 and our experienced team can service all your structural welding projects from conception to completion.



These mods are a staple of work for Industrial Metalwork Inc. Our shop team have the systems down to a science; from material receiving, to fabrication, assembly, and testing. The quality turnover is consistent, comprehensive, and delivered as smoothly as the mods to the client.

This dual line, common ditch pipeline installation included multiple bores - single and bundle pulls, open cut crossings, facility tie-ins on live sites, and coordination with multiple contractors to facilitate parallel and interconnected tasks. The construction spanned all weather conditions from rain & mud to snow & -45°C temperatures. Our team worked swiftly and efficiently to execute an on time, on budget pipeline.

This platform was part of an 84-ton, multi-piece, structural package for a Compressor Station expansion project. Industrial Metalwork excels at large-scale structural steel projects. From our shop to our team, we are well equipped and experienced to handle whatever our clients require. Our team provides design drawings and drafting, works with engineering, quality, and inspection, directs NDE, manages various coating applications, and coordinates final delivery.


Tumbler Ridge, BC

IMW & WMFN has now opened a shop in Tumbler Ridge, BC.

Tumbler Ridge has an expanding and diversifying natural resource sector which, in turn is attracting innovative and dynamic companies with a increasingly skilled labor force to service these diverse sectors. TR’s most prominent existing natural resource and clean energy assets can be found in the metallurgical coal mining, wind energy generation, natural gas extraction and forestry sectors.

Our Services Include:

  • Mining
  • Modular Construction
  • Facility Construction
  • Pipeline Construction
  • Structural Fabrication
  • Custom Fabrication
  • Oilfield Maintenance
  • Pressure Vessel Fabrication & Repairs
  • Indirect Fired Heater Coils
  • Category “H” Fittings
  • Process Equipment
  • Custom Pipe Fabrication
Who is

Industrial Metalwork

Industrial Metalwork Inc. is a pipeline and facility company based out of Grande Prairie, Alberta. We specialize in providing shop and field fabrication for facility and pipeline construction, maintenance and operations work, construction, utilities and other heavy industries.

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